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At Chelmsford we began the New Year with a healthy attitude. All staff seemed to be indulging in a healthier eating plan and saying no to any and all sweets that are brought in to temp them – what will power. It has become contagious to many of us. Good luck in your individual goals.

We also celebrated a few Birthday’s one for Maddie Gregoire & Dr. Clifford Walters, funny, no one wants to share how old they are and from what we understand the years are going backwards!! Don’t you just love those Birthdays!

January presented some great opportunities for getting to know some of our local businesses. Our Chelmsford site was invited to attend a local health fair with one of our employer groups. The health fair was a lot of fun and also gave us a chance to meet some wonderful people.

Chelmsford nominated their first Employee of the Month: Tricia Boeira. Tricia was nominated by her staff for always going above and beyond to help out and also because of her warm and caring personality. Congratulations Tricia from your Great Hill Dental Teams.

In January our Chelmsford site obtained 28 new patients for the month of January. We want to thank all of our patients for choosing us and we take great pride in being able to provide both new and long- time patients with your dental needs. Thank you for your referrals!!

Upcoming marketing events for Chelmsford:

* For the month of February we will be participating in a Mardi Gras Madness raffle. Many of the local businesses have donated baskets to be raffled off along with Great Hill Dental. The basket includes a Sonicare toothbrush and prefab whitening kit (check out the picture for ideas). The basket is impressive and hopefully the winner will be delighted with their new smile! Raffle drawing will take place early March.

* In early March, Dr. Van will be visiting a local School in Chelmsford where he will help educate children on good hygiene and provide young students a demonstration on obtaining overall good dental care to help prevent decay.